PCB Designs:

Dozens of production-ready printed circuit boards professionally designed and routed. Examples of typical work:

  1. Microprocessor based front-panel control (4-layer) - text display, rotary encoder, isolated fiber communication channel outputs
  2. Compact PCI (cPCI) interface card (8-layer) - 10/100 LAN and ZigBee interface through FPGA
  3. Numerous buck/boost switching regulators(2-4 layer) including NiCD/NiMH/LiION/LiPO battery management/charging
  4. Universal connectivity board - USB, ZigBee, LAN, WiFi.
  5. Flex film sensor interface board (4-layer) - thin film shape sensor interface
  6. ...many others.

System Designs:

  1. LabVIEW based control system for automated laboratory experiments
  2. Tight integration of third-party equipment for data capture and automated equipment control
  3. Cabling and interfaces designed for ease of use in harsh environments (submersible electronic enclosures)
  4. Automated test fixture design/commissioning